Vectors and strains

Pack size Products and chemicals Catalogue no.
10L MOQ  Chlorella species cultures MBR0003
1EAE.coli chemically BL-21 competant cells, 20 vials MBR0018
1EAE.coli chemically Dh5α competant cells, 20 vials MBR0019
1EApBR322, 10μgMBR0023
1EApBR322, 50μgMBR0024
1EApUC18, 10μgMBR0027
1EApUC18, 50μgMBR0028
1EApUC19, 50μgMBR0029
10L MOQSpirullina culturesMBR0035
1EAYeast /and Algae experssion vectors 250IUMBR0037


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