We deploy cutting edge biotechnology and synthetic biology for the betterment of science and society 


E2E Biotech is a technology developing company focusing on developing technologies, process and products through intensive R&D by deploying cutting edge biotechnology and synthetic biology strategies. We have several indegenously isolated microalgal species for various applications from food to fuel. We have recombinant mutants of algae and yeast cells for high value metabolite production. We also provide industrial enzymes, molecular biology reagents and kits, chemicals and natural colors for acadamics and industrial applications. We a technology for customized photobioreactors (10-100L) for microalgae cultivation.



E2E Biotech believes that our solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in biotech  industry. We provide technologies to produce compounds like Lutein and Astaxanthin. We do take-up customized contract research projects such as production of commercial enzymes, cloning, sub-cloning, protein expression and purification, commercial tissue culture etc. We do supply natural colors, specialty chemicals, organic spirulina & chlorella for food, pharma and cosmetic industries. 

“Science has grown far beyond our imagination; the only option for us is to deploy it for all inclusive growth and sustenance.”

∼Dr. Dayananda C


We offer eco-friendly process for the production of natural colors, single cell proteins for animal nutrition, biofertilizers, home gardening and horticulture. We provide customized technology for industrial wastewater using phycoremediation process. 


Haematococcus pluvialis is a green microalgae known for its high content of very prominent antioxidant called astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a keto-carotenoid, lipid-soluble phytopigment widely used as a feed supplement for salmon, crabs, shrimp, chickens and egg production to enhance the aesthetic prosperity. Astaxanthin is also widely used as a food supplement and offers several health benefits in cardiovascular, immune, cancer, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier, which makes it available to the eye, brain and central nervous system to ease the effects of  oxidative stress that contributes to ocular, and neurodegenerative diseases such as glaucoma and Alzheimer’s etc. It has been proven as one of the best available anti-oxidant molecule to protect & prevent from stress induced diseases or disorders. We at E2E Biotech have developed a technology for large-scale production of Haematococcus using advanced photobioreacter system.


Capsinoids are the non-pungent analogues of capsaicin. They are being consumed worldwide as food ingredient. Capsinoids have many health effects, particularly as an effective molecule in body weight control through various mechanisms such as regulating lipolysis in adipocytes, increasing the feeling of satiety, stimulating energy expenditure, and reducing energy intake. They are known to be better functional molecules than any other anti-obesity chemicals/molecules due to their proven action by reducing energy intake and serum glycerides.  Capsinoids are demonstrated to suppress oil droplet accumulation in adipose tissues and reduce droplet size in a time dependent manner. Application of capsinoids in food supplements has been constantly in raise due to its potential health attributes. At E2E Biotech we have engineered a yeast based molecular chassis for the production of capsinoids and capsinoids analogues.  The technology developed will help cater the pharma and food industries for large scale production of capsinoids and related small molecules.